Our Clients

‘I have been attending Julie’s weekly clinics at Eversheds for over a year.  I have found her to be technically excellent, which is the primary reason for my repeat business, but also very professional and reliable.’

Liz, Eversheds


‘Before Julie started massaging me I found my shoulders and lower back were always a problem, Julie’s massages iron out improbable knots, release built up toxins, dissolve tension, straighten my posture and relax me entirely…. The only complaint I have is when the massage treatment comes to an end.’

Sharon, Gemini Oil & Gas Advisors LLP

‘I have been having regular massage treatment with Julie for about 8 months.  I find this treatment extremely beneficial and relaxing, as I tend to carry a lot of tension in my shoulders and upper back.  This treatment helps to relax the muscles and to ease tension.  Julie is great company as well as an excellent therapist who I would highly recommend….’

Allan, Hoegh Capital Partners



‘Having one of Julie’s back massages every month has been great for relieving the tensions built up from sitting at my desk all day, and also helps reduce any aches and pains from the tennis and hockey that I play. The massage itself is very relaxing and a real pick me up that sets me up for the rest of the working day. I would recommend one of Julie’s massages to anyone’.

Dot, Comic Relief

‘Thank you Julie for my massage at work. I have been sleeping badly the last three weeks, but last night after your massage I had the BEST sleep ever and today I feel GREAT!! Thank you so much! I am looking forward to my next one.’

Billy, English Heritage

‘My shoulders are always really tense but Julie works her massage magic on them so that I am much more relaxed and supple afterwards – it really does set me up for the week.’

Ann, Camden Recycling

‘After standing on my feet for four days, having a massage on the second and third day was an absolute joy!! It totally helped me to engage with potential clients and got me through the weekend.  I felt like a new woman, ready for the long drive back to Cornwall.’

Nicky, Harbour Holidays, Destination Travel Show 2011 

‘I have a massage with Julie on a regular basis and have noticed the difference in my neck, shoulders and lower back.  I feel much lighter, more relaxed and definitely feel the stress and tension melt away. It’s a great staff benefit, which is popular with everyone.’

Gohir, Lancashire Insurance Group