London Marathon 2016

Got your 2016 Virgin London Marathon place?  Thinking about your training programme and feeling a little daunted? Don’t panic, help is at hand.

The Virgin London Marathon website has a whole host of information and advice on how to get started; from training and health advice to what gear you need and what the experts say.  Follow their simple guidelines to help you focus, stay injury free and enjoy the great benefits of running.

Don’t for get to make massage a part of your training programme……

Regular sports massage after running or any sporting activity where you are pushing your body to the limits can have a number of great benefits both physically and psychologically. It will:

  • Increase blood and lymph flow, moving toxins out of the body
  • Encourage fresh oxygenated blood to the muscles, to aid repair and recovery
  • Promote the release of endorphins reducing muscle pain
  • Help you sleep by relaxing your nervous system
  • Feel nice. It’s a great reward after all the dedication and hard work needed to achieve the goal of running a marathon.

Good luck!

Lovely light leg massage for the well deserving runners....

Lovely light leg massage for the well deserving runners….



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