Nutrition for everyone

p>Have a complete health-check and nutritional consultation with nutritionist Sue Lovemore. Whatever your health goal, Sue aims to help you discover the key issues you should address first in order to achieve better health and wellbeing.

Sue uses the NES ProVision system ( to provide her clients with a snapshot of their key priorities. It’s a powerful tool that really individualises your consultation. It includes:

  • an energetic analysis, helping to identify energy blockages in the body’s systems
  • a nutrient and food intolerance screen
  • a mind and emotions screen that can help to identify particular issues that may be holding you back.

Sue combines this with nutritional therapy, looking at the physiological, nutritional and lifestyle factors that combine to maintain healthy balance and good energy.

Your consultation includes a thorough assessment of your current health issues and goals; your genetic health history; and your diet and lifestyle. A Health and Wellbeing Programme, with individualised dietary and lifestyle recommendations, is sent to you after your consultation.

Sue works from Glow Urban Spa in Belgravia and also does home visits. Your consultation
will take 1½ hours and costs £125.

Sue graduated from the Institute of Optimum Nutrition in 2000 with Distinction.
She’s a member of the British Association of Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy and the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC).

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