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Energising Massage

Massage your way to a more productive workforce……

It’s the third day of ‘Destinations,’ the Holiday and Travel Show at Earls Court, London.  Behind alluring posters of tropical azure waters, African game park animals and hot Icelandic geysers, I can see bleary-eyed exhibitors, getting ready for another long day of giving inspirational holiday and travel advice.

With luxury weekend breaks and adventure holidays to be won, it’s non-stop for four days. Sore feet, aching backs and little time for a lunch or even a tea break and the exhibitors were looking and feeling tired.  What better way to ensure energy levels are raised, smiles are maintained and the show as a whole maximises business opportunities than offering a revitalising, re-energising massage!!

This year once again the Times are the sponsors of “Destinations”.  They have cleverly introduced the ‘Exhibitor Lounge’ a safe haven for those needing to escape the mayhem, music and bustle of hundreds of prospective clients and find solace in a cup of coffee and a 20-minute energising massage.

Over 150 exhibitors, many of whom had never had a massage before, received an instant stress busting treatment, easing out tense muscles and relieving aches and pains.  It played an essential role in the exhibitor’s weekend activities.  The experience left everyone feeling re-energised, yet relaxed, fresh and alert. With lifted spirits, it enabled them to continue to perform to a high level and remain customer focused whilst working to a demanding schedule.

It certainly worked for Nicky Turriff from Harbour Holidays who had this to say…… ‘After standing on my feet for four days, having a massage on the second and third day was an absolute joy!! It totally got me through the weekend and I felt like a new woman, ready for the long drive back to Cornwall.’

Jackie Wymant, a travel consultant from Bristol said……” I”m almost certain I got more business this time because I felt well looked after. I was chilled, happy and had the energy to sell! You are on your feet for what feels like 70 hours straight- it never occured to me that something as simple as a quick massage could make such a difference!”

Massage in the workplace is an easy and sensible business tool to help increase productivity and efficiency in today’s busy, hard and fast working environment.  It motivates staff, ensures well-being and gets results!

Call Julie on 07896 272 107 to discuss your requirements and a tailor made package.

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